Our Aims

From Article 2: Objectives, Statute, 1997

The principle purpose of the MAM shall be to regulate relations between members in the profession and between members and their employers or employers' associations in accordance with the Laws of Malta.

The ancillary objects of the Association shall be:

  • To unite all members of the medical profession and to safeguard their interests
  • To provide advice and assistance to its members in their mutual relations, in their relations with State or other authorities and organisations whether individual or as a profession
  • To provide spokesmen for any member seeking the assistance of the MAM
  • To promote the ethical, scientific, professional, cultural, social and economic interests of the medical profession
  • To secure their freedom of practice in the interests of the patient individually and of the community as a whole
  • To strengthen the position and unanimity of the medical profession in order to maintain the highest possible standards of education, ethics and patient care
  • To work with other national and international bodies to foster its aims
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