Swine flu Info for Medical Practioners - 3/7/2009

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A group of 23 males went on holiday to Spain and one developed symptoms while there. On returning over the next two days some of them c/o symptoms. We now confirmed that 4 of them came positive to Influenza A H1.

So as of today Friday 3rd July we have 4 confirmed cases imported from Spain.

It is important that we continue our surveillance to pick up cases as early as possible to prevent spread of influenza. Please continue to monitor for symptoms from persons returning from affected countries with

FEVER + cough and/or sorethroat together with any other symptoms like headache, general aches and, pains, chills, runny nose, lethargy, diarrhoea or vomiting while abroad or within 7 days from returning.

The affected countries are UK, SPAIN, USA, MEXICO, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AMERICA( Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Domenican Republic, Guatemala, Peru, Nicaragua, Panama) and ASIA ( Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines).

May i remind you that only Senior Public health Doctors have the authority to swab persons for H1N1v so you MUST first discuss the case with us . The lab at Mater Dei will not accept any nasopharyngeal swabs for testing unless they get verification from us. Please contact us first on XXXXXX (24/7 on call). (sent under separate cover)

I am sending information to pass on to your patients if they become confirmed cases or to contacts of confirmed cases.



Dr Tanya Melillo Fenech

Head of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit



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