Swine Flu cases rise to 11 - 3/7/2009

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Friday, 3rd July 2009 - 15:13CET - From the Times online

Swine Flu cases rise to 11
The number of Swine Flu cases in Malta has risen to 11, with seven new cases confirmed late this morning, Parliamentary Secretary Mario Galea said this afternoon.

The cases include two in Gozo, a Scottish girl aged eight and a baby of four-and-a-half months who is British and not related.

In Malta, the new cases include three men who were in the same plane as the Rugby group which returned on Tuesday from Spain, a man who returned from Spain yesterday and a woman who returned from the UK on Tuesday.

All the cases were detected by family doctors at home, except in the case of the baby, who was taken to hospital. None of the patients is seriously ill.

Dr Ray Busuttil, Director-General of Health, said it was very important that people who were abroad and felt flu symptoms on their return should not go out but call a doctor, thus avoiding the spread of the disease.

The virus is normally detected seven days after contact and is cured in five days, although patients are required to stay in quarantine for seven days.

The first cases were confirmed yesterday and involved four members of a Rugby group who returned from a visit to Spain last Tuesday. Their condition is not serious and they are receiving treatment at home under quarantine.

Parliamentary Secretary Mario Galea said this morning that there had been no new confirmed cases overnight, but there was a surge of people referred for tests.

The new cases were confirmed late this morning.

A helpline with number 21324086 has been set up.

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