Call for Nominations - Audit Committee - 16/7/2010

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Election of Representatives on Q.A.I.A.C
Nominations Procedure

Its terms of reference have been established to include the organisation and conduct of elections for the filling of 4 seats on the Committee. These seats will be assumed by one elected representative of each of the categories of: Clinical Chairperson/Director, Consultant/Principal General Practitioner, Resident Specialist/Designate Consultant/Senior General Practitioner and General Practitioner.

Clinical Chairpersons/Directors, Consultants/Principal General Practitioners, Resident Specialists/Designate Consultants/Senior General Practitioners and General Practitioners working within the Public Service are eligible to submit their nominations for the respective vacant posts.

Nomination Forms are colour-coded according to each particular category, viz. green for Clinical Chairperson/Director, pink for Consultant/Principal General Practitioner, yellow for Resident Specialist/Designate Consultant/Senior General Practitioner and blue for General Practitioner.

Nominations will be considered as valid only if a completely filled prescribed Nomination Form for the relevant category is submitted.

Note that the name and signature of a proposer will not be required if the nominee is self-proposed. However, the name and signature of a seconder will always be required. Proposers (other than self) and seconders may be any Medical Officer eligible to vote and not necessarily in the same grade as the nominee.

Nominations may be submitted by post to the Office of the Electoral Commission, Public Health Regulation Department, SLH-OPD (Level 1) St. Luke’s Square, G’Mangia (attn: Ms Moira Azzopardi) and should reach this Office by Friday 13th August 2010. All nominations will be duly acknowledged by the Electoral Commission. Late submissions will not be considered.

A Nomination Form pertinent to the election of a representative of the category of your grade is being enclosed for your convenience.

Moira Azzopardi Charles Messina
Member Member
Electoral Commission Electoral Commission

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