8/9th October - Gastro-enterelogy conference - REGISTRATION CLOSED - 8/9/2010

REGISTRATION IS closed as the conference is fully booked.

Friday 8th, Saturday 9th October

Conference in gastro-enterology - aimed at NON-GI Specialists.
Renowned speakers from the UK, USA, and Italy will address the conference together with local consultants and specialists.

The most common and Relevant diseases in Gastro-enterology will be reviewed.

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link to programme - black - printable

link to CVs of Guest Speakers - black - printable

Final Year Medical Students, Foundation doctors, BSTS, HSTS, Resident specialists and Consultants in Medicine, Accident and Emergency and Paediatrics.

The programme should also appeal to Specialists in Family Medicine and GP trainees

A limited number of places is being reserved to Nurses, Paramedics and Technicians interested in gastro-enterology.

DEADLINE for registration
Friday 24th September -
Places on a First Come - First Served basis

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Martin Balzan

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