MAM press release - situation at Mater Dei - 19/8/2010

Press release 19th August
Policy on the elderly needed to guarantee services at Mater Dei

MAM would like to appeal to the Health Authorities to come up with a long term and effective policy where sufficient services are provided for the elderly who are very dependent and who need long term care.
MAM insists that only acutely ill patients should be kept at Mater Dei Hospital and that all other patients who do not require acute medical care should be discharged home or transferred immediately to a rehabilitation hospital or other temporary care facilities.
Mater Dei cannot function properly when very ill and sick patients have to be put in corridors because of lack of space, and the most basic medical care cannot be provided. Patients who are genuinely ill deserve to be given not only the best treatment, but the privacy and the services Mater Dei was designed for.
MAM appeals to the government to introduce legislation and regulation that protects the elderly and makes it impossible for inconsiderate family members to abandon their elderly at Mater Dei, and at the same time cash in on their property and assets.
MAM appeals to the health authorities to act promptly and wisely to make sure that society provides both decent and adequate for the elderly and so that Mater Dei can function normally and the safety of patients admitted through the accident and emergency department is guaranteed.

Dr. Martin Balzan MD FRCP(lond) FEFIM

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