Rsponse to MUT website - 24/3/2011

Mr. John Bencini
Malta Union of Teachers
25th March 2010
Dear Mr. Bencini,

I am kindly requesting you to paste my answer on your website in terms of the press act, in reply to the article on the MUT website

“With reference to the radio programme quoted, I confirm that during the time that Mr. Bencini was president of the CMTU I had repeatedly appealed for more meetings, and more consultation, something which improved drastically under the presidency of Mr. William Portelli. I also pointed out that as a result of the resignation of MUT officials, from CMTU president and secretary, and the subsequent joining to FORUM, MUT lost access to very important local and international affiliations.

While I categorically deny having leveled any personal attack on any MUT official I must formally object to your web statement and describe it as misleading and unfair.

I will follow with interest your reply and argumentation on the issues raised in the hope that solid and intellectual arguments are brought forward, in a spirit of mature and professional debate”

I thank you for your kind attention

Dr. Martin Balzan MD FRCP FEFIM

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