MAM - Vodafone - agreement - 7/8/2011

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The Medical Association of Malta (MAM) has partnered up with Vodafone to offer its members tailor-made telecomm solutions which meet the requirements of Malta’s medical practitioners. Vodafone will be offering advantageous solutions on its extensive range of mobile and Internet products and services to members of the medical profession.
Vodafone’s collaboration with MAM forms part of a network of strategic alliances through which Vodafone supports business and professional associations within the community. “We are working to be closer to our medical professional community while they are closer to their patients,” said Daniel Grech, Business Marketing Manager at Vodafone Malta. “Doctors also use smartphones to access up to date information which is beneficial to patient care. Vodafone makes all of this possible.”
“For members of the medical profession, access to data and medical software applications on their mobile is an innovative service which brings the latest information about patient care to the doctors’ fingertips,” said Dr John-Paul Tabone, Vice President of the MAM. “We are confident that our partnership with a global telecommunications company with a high level of professionalism will help improve standards of patient care.”

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