Dr. Censu Tabone passes away - 14/3/2012

The Medical Association of Malta would like to express its sincere condolences to the family
of the late Dr. Censu Tabone, currently Honorary President of the Medical Association of Malta.
Dr. Tabone is remembered as an exemplary person, who was very polished and diplomatic in his
approach, and for this reason commanded great respect amongst the medical profession, the
political class and the maltese people in general.
The Medical profession is grateful to his great contribution to setting up the MAM in the mid
1950s. In his work an opthalmologist, he led the efforts to the eradication of the blinding eye
disease trachoma, both in Malta overseas.
MAM for this reason is attaching with this letter the acknowledgement of his achievments by the
world medical association in its 2005 publication "Caring physicians of the World"

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