MAM election results - 20/11/2013

Results of MAM Elections

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Wednesday 20th November 2013

Dear Colleague,

Results of MAM Council Election 2013.

The following were elected uncontested:

Election of officials

Dr. Martin Balzan
Mr.Gordon Caruana Dingli
Dr. Sascha Reiff
Dr. John Paul Tabone
Dr. Jacob Vella

Election of Category representatives.

Catergory A (Consultants)
Ms. Angela Sultana
Catergory B (Resident Specialists & Higher Specialist Trainees)
Dr. Roberto Debono
Category C (Basic Specialist Trainees & Foundation Doctors)
Dr. Desiree Seguna
Category D (Health Centre Doctors & GP Trainees)
Dr. Karl Causon
Category E (GPs & Specialists in Private Practice)
Dr. Jean Pierre Cauchi
Category F (Miscellaneous)
Dr. Joseph Portelli Demajo

Dr Michael Boffa
Chief Electoral Commissioner

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