MAM elections 2016 - voting instructions - 30/11/2016

Monday 28th November 2016

Dear Colleague,

MAM elections are currently in progress.

Please find enclosed two ballot papers, one for the election of five officials and one for the election your respective category representative

Please note there will be NO election in Category A (Consultants), Category D (Health Centre Doctors and GP trainees), Category E (doctors in full time private practice) and Category F (miscellaneous) as the candidate in these categories was uncontested.

Election of officials

You may vote for UP TO Five candidates. May I however remind you that up to a maximum of two officials (out of five) may be elected from each category.

Election of Category representatives. (B and C only)

You may vote for ONLY ONE candidate from your category.

Kindly vote as instructed on the ballot paper.

All ballot papers should be addressed to the MAM Election Commission in the enclosed self-addressed envelope and be received by not later than noon on Wednesday 14th December 2016.

Votes not using the enclosed self-addressed envelope shall be considered invalid.

Dr Michael Boffa
Chief Electoral Commissioner

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