MAM is aware that a number of doctors have received parking tickets in the last few days whilst parked at St. Luke’s Hospital. MAM has strongly objected to this and after representation with the hospital authorities, the latter have agreed to write to the Pieta Council in order that these be waived. Should you have been one of the victims, please send an email to Ms. Charlene Fenech, Secretary to Dr. Kenneth Grech, at the following address:

Please include the following details:
Name, Car Registration Number, Parking Ticket Date & Number

After discussions between the hospital authorities & the Pieta local Council, we are informed that these parking tickets will probably all be waived with the exception of those with respect to parking on double yellow lines. The latter will unfortunately still need to be contested.

In the meantime, MAM has been discussing with the health authorities so as to find a more permanent solution. We have had a very fruitful meeting with Dr. K. Grech and Dr. F. Bartolo, who have agreed:
• To review no parking signs and double yellow lines in hospital so as to increase parking slots and prevent the issuing of unnecessary parking tickets
• To discuss the matter with the assistant police commissioner so that police officers be more “thoughtful” in issuing parking tickets to doctors
• Discuss with the Pieta local council the possibility that wardens police hospital grounds against unauthorised parking
• To expand the parking area reserved for consultants, and possibly reserve the top level parking (and access road) STRICTLY to doctors
• Revise St. Luke’s parking permits in order to ensure that only those who entitled have a permit and to make this list available to scrutiny
• Explore the possibility of creating a new parking space near the helicopter pad.

It is hoped that these measures will help to alleviate this chronic problem. In the meantime, we will be monitoring the situation

Stephen Fava

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