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The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery has just published Volume 15 No. 2 of the Malta Medical Journal. In her Editorial, Dr. Josanne Vassallo looks back on the last twelve months since the MMJ returned to circulation noting with satisfaction the increasing number of original articles now being submitted for publication. Of particular interest in this issue are contributions from two prominent family practitioners, Dr Pierre Mallia and Dr Denis Soler, President and outgoing President respectively of the Malta College of Family Doctors. A special guest article by Professor Edward de Bono whose original training was in Medicine outlines the development of the "New Thinking" and the processes involved in his own concept of creative thinking.

Issues focussed on include the importance of regular follow-up as part of an asthma management plan; Hypothermia in the early neonatal period and the Significance of family history in the aetiology of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Type 2 Diabetes while Drs Joseph Dimech and Anthony Fiorini set out to identify whether pre-admission assessment of elderly applicants could be an effective means of ascertaining the actual need for long term care. Paediatricians Simon Attard Montalto and Paul Vassallo Agius review the undergraduate curriculum in Paediatrics in Malta to assess both its satisfactory and unsatisfactory aspects as perceived by student feedback.

In many European countries, measles is still a cause of great public health concern and the necessity of implementing an elimination strategy for this viral disease is highlighted in another paper. Surgeons Andrejevic and LaFerla look at the various options presented in the case of Splenic trauma considering where feasible, preservation under closely monitored observation in a High Dependency Unit as opposed to splenectomy.

Giovanni Bonello in an historical article "Grand Masters in the Cinquecento: their persona and death" focusses on four of the first ten Grand Masters during the Malta period of the Order's rule, 1530 to 1601, namely, Philippe de l'Isle Adam, Claude de la Sengle, Jean de La Valette and Hugh Loubenx de Verdalle. From scant information available, he pieces together an impression of the kind of health they enjoyed as well as giving details of their ultimate death.

In conclusion, PharmaNews looks at issues relevant to pharmacological and related therapy.

The MMJ which is designed and produced by Outlook Coop is circulated free of charge to all medical practitioners in Malta and Gozo, Maltese doctors overseas and other members of the scientific community. On the cover of the last three issues, the Journal has profiled artistic works by members of the medical profession. This edition carries a 2002 painting of Mdina by paediatrician Ray Parascandalo.

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16th December 2003

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