Solidarity fund - over LM2700 collected - - 11/1/2004

Over LM2700 have been collected for the MAM solidarity fund.

Just over LM 500 were collected during the Christmas event - while the rest was collected from various members of the Medical Profession.

Members who have donated during the Christmas event, or who have made online payments will shortly get their receipt by mail.

The Fund will be closed on the 22nd January.

The Assocation would like to thank all council members who helped in this iniative - especially, Dr Mario Stellini who helped organised the Christmas event and Dr Stuart Schembri, the MAM treasurer.

Thanks also go to Prof J. Cacciottolo, Dr David Sammut and all other MAM members who also helped organise the Christmas event.

MAM would also like to thank Alert Ltd for providing the online payment system on the website free of charge.

Last but certainly not least, MAM warmly thanks all those who have generously contributed to this fund

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