Annual General Meeting - Motion to Form action committee - 29/2/2004

The Following motion was passed unanimously at the MAM general meeting held on Thursday 26th . The General meeting authorized MAM to form an action committee to prepare a number of directives to be issued to members in the current dispute regarding the administration of Intravenous treatment.
The Association is sending a clear message that senior doctors and doctors not working in hospital will not leave the youngest doctors on their own, and will offer their support,


This AGM notes that

1. There is a serious overcrowding problem at St. Luke’s hospital for which the hospital authorities are responsible.
2. This is causing great strain on Medical, paramedical and nursing staff, and is not conducive to optimum patient care.
3. MAM disagrees with any association which tries to solve its problem by shifting its work onto doctors.
4. The Health authorities are responsible to see that there is an adequate provision of essential services according to law.
5. Other Health care workers have ethical obligations to patients just like doctors have.
6. Amicable discussion with the Health authorities and other associations involved has to date not reached a satisfactory conclusion.

For this reason this AGM authorizes the MAM council

1. To set up an action committee, to study and formulate directives which may be issued by the council as it feels best in an effort to put pressure on the authorities for a quick resolution of the current problems
2. To issues these directives if the current state of affair continues – where patient safety is compromised, persists.

Proposer Dr. S. FAVA
Seconder Dr .M. BALZAN


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