Lecture on taxation -Tuesday 27th May - 13/5/2003

Seminars organized by the
Association of Surgeons of Malta
open for members of the Medical Association of Malta

Tax planning and recent developments
Deloitte and Touche

27th May 2003
Tuesdays at 8.00 pm
The Professional Centre,
Sliema Road, Gzira

Co-ordinated by Gordon Caruana-Dingli,
PRO Association of Surgeons of Malta.

These last few years have witnessed an ever increasing commitment by the authorities to tackle the problems associated with tax compliance and tax evasion. The self-assessment system launched in 1999 introduced an inflexible regime that penalizes taxpayers who fail to fulfill their tax compliance obligations within the time prescribed by law. The Tax Compliance Unit is now fully functional and determined to stamp out all forms of tax evasion. Added to all this, frequent changes to the tax system may cause the unwary taxpayer to fall foul of the law and suffer the related consequences.

During this 1 hour seminar, tax experts from Deloitte & Touche will make presentations on the more recent developments in this field and will also provide insight into specific provisions in the law that may enable taxpayers to better plan their tax affairs.

Amongst topics to be covered are: Deadlines for submitting tax returns and paying income tax, (including provisional tax) and penalties for non-compliance; Social security contributions and pension entitlement; Utilization of certain tax rules to reduce your tax burden; Tax on investment income; Investigations by the tax authorities.

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