Medical Council, Specialist Accreditation Committee to meet on Wednesday. MAM - MCFD in discussions for criteria in Family Medicine - 12/4/2004

The Medical council, and the Specialist Accreditation Committee will be meeting on Wednesday 14th April to set the ball rolling as regards to the criteria to be established regards to accreditation.

Criteria have to be compatible with Maltese Law, and EU directive 93/16, the EU accession treaty, taking into account European Court judgements in Intertpretation.

As regards the criteria for the speciality "Tabib tal-Familja" discussions are ongoing betweem MAM and the Malta College of family doctors, so as to find a solution which recognises Family Medicine as a speciality, while taking into consideration the needs of as many practising doctors as possible.

Once again MAM re-assures members that all doctors currently registered with the medical council will continue to enjoy the right to private practice.

The law and directive relevant to the specialist register are being pasted here.

Health care professions act

Doctors' directive 93/16 and amendments

Malta -EU accession Treaty (Medical page 909 onwards)

Interpretation of rules explained

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