MAM meeting with Data protection Commissioner - 24/3/2004

Officials from MAM together with an expert in the data protection law have met the data protection commissioner. Another follow up meeting is planned in the first week or April.

MAM is objecting to the yearly LM20 fee to be levied from doctors, and feels that as in other countries health should be exempted.

MAM would like to inform members that

1. Doctors in private practice who only keep paper records and NO electronic record of patients DO NOT have to register with data protection. However this will be necessary as from 2007.

2. Doctors in private practice who keep electronic records are advised to wait till the next MAM meeting with the commissioner. Should anybody wish to register than the fee is LM15 this year as 3 months have already elapsed.

3. Regarding many points regarding data protection and medical practice, MAM will help the commissioner plan a code of practice which will be made available to all doctors when finalised.

Martin Balzan

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