Director General clarifies situation as regards to general practice - 6/4/2004

Following contact with Dr Ray Busuttil the Director General, MAM would like to state the following points.

1. All those doctors registered with the Medical Council as licenced to practise Medicine can continue to enjoy the right to private practice whether or not they are included in the register for family medicine.

2. A "grandfather clause" will be set by the Specialist Accreditation committee on the advice of the Malta college of family doctors. This has to be based on article 35. and 36 of the directive 93/16.

3. Those doctors on the register will be able to make use of the title of "Specialist in Family Medicine"

4. After the 1st of May, Doctors will have to undergo specific training in order to enter into the Family Medicine register.

5. Only doctors registered in the specialist register will be able to work in a "National Social Security Service", meaning in government service both in Malta and other EU countries. Doctors not listed in the register can only work as "trainees" in the government service.

Martin Balzan

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