MAM unhappy with one amendment to the Health professions act. - 3/5/2004

MAM has drawn the attention of the Health authorities that the following amendment to the health care professions act goes much further than required by the directive.

The article requires Malta to "recognise" individuals with qualifications from outside the european union, once they have been recognised in an EU country - while the EU directive only requires Malta to "examine" such recognition.

MAM feels there is no need to go further than required by the directive, and has been in contact with the Health authorities about this issue.

Martin Balzan

Proposed amendment

27. Article 44 of the principal Act shall be amended aas
(a) for subarticle (1) thereof there shall be substituted
the following>
(1) Where a citizen of a Member State, who holds
a diploma, certificate or other evidence of formal
qualification obtained outside the European Union which
has been recognised by a Member State and who has
acquired experience in a Member State or third countries
which has also been recognised in a Member State, applies
to be registered under this Act, the relevant Council shall
recognise such diploma, certificate and other evidence
formal qualification and experience and shall decide
thereupon not later than three months from the day the
request is received, or from the day the documentation
referred to has been fully submitte, whichever is the later,
and it shall forthwith inform the applicant by registered

Article in EU directive

Article 19c
Member States shall examine diplomas, certificates and other evidence of formal qualifications in the field covered by this Directive obtained by the holder outside the European Union in cases where those diplomas, certificates and other evidence of formal qualifications have been recognised in a Member State, as well as of training undergone and/or professional experience gained in a Member State. The Member State shall give its decision within three months of the date on which the applicant submits his application together with full supporting documentation.


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