Sky news - British Junior doctors against shortened training times - 10/5/2004,,30100-13083474,00.html


Junior doctors have voted overwhelmingly against new government plans for training young medics.

They warned that planned changes to medical training schemes will jeopardise the safety of patients.

Proposed Government reforms would cut post-graduate training for some surgeons by as much as five years.

In a unanimous show of defiance, delegates at the annual British Medical Association junior doctors conference unanimously backed a vote of no confidence.

Simon Eccles, chairman junior doctors committee, labelled the process "a mess".

He said: "The process is something we support; we want most of the aims of the proposals and we would like to see them properly implemented.

"But it is a dog's breakfast. The implementation process is a mess. They are asking people to take far too much on trust - it's not good enough."

From August 2005, under Government plans, the first two years of junior doctors' training are to be replaced with a "foundation programme".

But the BMA said there was very little information about what the second year of the programme would contain or how doctors' skills would be assessed.

Medical students have to apply for their first jobs as junior doctors a year before they graduate and in some areas this process is already under way.

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