UK GMC (General Medical Council) not recognising EU accession qualifications yet - 17/5/2004

According to the GMC website it was stated that

Factsheet for nationals of the ten states joining the EU on 1 May 2004

The General Medical Council welcomes the 10 states joining the European Union (EU) on 1 May 2004. All nationals of the 10 new member states will have rights to free movement to the UK for work purposes.

The 10 new member states are:

Czech Republic

This will mean that EU nationals with certain specified medical degrees obtained in the countries above will be able to obtain registration in the UK without the need for a separate assessment of their medical knowledge and skills at the point of registration.

Nationals from the countries listed above will not need to take IELTS test before obtaining registration in the UK.

*UPDATED* Important news - situation at 1 May 2004

The European Commission has advised us that only training commencing after 1 May 2004 can be considered to comply with the minimum standards set out in Directive EC 93/16. This has significant implications for those applying for registration in the immediate future. We are also aware that there are conflicting pieces of information about compliance in circulation, we are actively working with the European Commission, the Department of Health and our legal advisors to resolve the situation over the coming weeks.


Comment: It appears that only doctors who have worked in Malta in the last 3years out of 5 will get automatic registration in the UK.
However this is still subject to confirmation as the new procedures get established. MAM is trying to get futher advice on this issue.

Martin Balzan

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