MAM meets Health Minister - 9/6/2003

A delegation from the MAM led by Dr S.Fava, met Dr L. Deguara Hon. Minister for Health . Dr Fava congratulated Dr Deguara on his re-appointment as Minister and expressed his support and satifaction for the new anti-smoking legislation which will soon be introduced.

The association put forward its vision and objectives for the future in particular the introduction of the new Health care professions act and the establishment of a longterm and solid indemnity for doctors. The Health division and the MAM would work together to establish in Malta post graduate training programmes which should be comparable to those run in the best countries in the EU. MAM urged the minister to pass the necessary legislation in the near future.

Minister Deguara also said that once government had prepared its position, talks would start with the MAM on the new hospital. MAM on its part is insisting on continous and ongoing structured dialogue on a regular basis with the government on all issues.

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