European Junior doctors to hold next meeting in Malta - 11/6/2004

The Permanent Working Group of European Junior doctors will be holding its next meeting in Malta in October 2004.

A presentation on the proposed Malta meeting prepared by Dr Mark Camilleri, Dr Tatyana Mintoff and Dr David Ellul was very well recieved. Dr Clifford Caruana, and Dr Mark Fiorentino who are also on the organising committee could not attend for the meeting.

During the meeting the PWG officials informed the delegates that the European Commission was again rethinking the working time directive, as the positions taken by european employer associations and european trade union organisations were essentially diametrically opposite.

As regards to the mutual recognition of qualifications it was re iterated that qualifications from EU accession countries would be recognised so long as they are accompanied by a certificate of conformity.

The issue of IV injections was also described and it resulted that numerous countries had different practices. In fact this was one of numerous areas of conflict between junior doctors and nurses.

Martin Balzan

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