MAM election 629 votes issued - list of Candidates - 18/6/2004

MAM election -
The electoral Commission has issued 629 votes
Category A = 122 (consultants)
Category B = 94 ( sen regs. and registrars)
Category C = 159 ( housemen and SHOs)
Category D = 68 ( Health Centre Doctors)
Category E = 152 ( Family doctors and specialist in private )
Category F = 34 ( miscellaneous)

Votes will be mailed on Monday 21st June-

The mail ballots must be recieved not later than noon of the 9th July, at
The Election Commission
Medical Association of Malta
The Professional Centre
Sliema road

All 629 members have been issued with their vote for the election of 5 officials.

Doctors in categories A, B, C, and D have also been issued with a second ballot paper for the election of a category represenatative.

No votes have been issued to members in Category E and F as an election for category representative will not be held.

Candidates - Officials - to vote up to 5
(maximum of 2 per category can be elected)

Balzan Martin
Camilleri Mark
Caruana Dingli Gordon
Ellul Pierre
Fava Stephen
Pocock James
Sciberras Christopher
Xuereb Tonio
Zammit Andrew

Category A ( to vote a maximum of two)

Tilney Myra K
Zerafa Mario

Category B ( to vote a maximum of three)

Casha Aaron
Sciberras Chris
Pocock James

Category C ( to vote up to a maximum of three)

Camilleri Mark
Caruana Clifford
Mintoff Tatyana

Category D ( to vote up to a maximum of three)

Busuttil Rudolph
Cilia Saviour
Xuereb Tonio
Zammit Andrew

Category E
No Nominations recieved

Category F

Portelli Demajo J (uncontested)

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