MAM elections underway - voting statistics - 26/6/2004

Voting for MAM elections is under way.

Up to Friday 25th June 81 (13%) of votes have been recieved.

Voters are advised not leave the mailing of the ballot to the last moment, as at the current times local mail may take up to 4 days.

Votes must reach MAM offices before midday on the 9th of July.

Votes will remain sealed till opened by the electoral commission on the 10 th of July.

Voters who have not yet recieved their vote should inform the MAM secretariat as soon as possible.


Election for Officials
There are 9 candidates and the five with the highest number of votes will be elected.
Voters can vote up to Five candidates by putting an (x) next to the chosen Candidates.
NOTE there is NO preference voting - ie no need to classify 1 to 5.

Election of Category Representatives.

One candidate per category will be elected.
Voters can vote up to three candidates. However voters may vote for one or two candidates.

There will be no elections for category representatives in
Category E GPs - no nominations recieved
Category F Miscellaneous - uncontested candidate

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