Results of MAM Elections - 10/7/2004

10th July, 2004.

The Election Commission
The Medical Association of Malta

Dear Dr Stephen Fava,

These are the results of the Medical Association of Malta elections held between

18th June 2004 and 9th July 2004.

Election for Council Officials :

Votes received - 311

Valid votes - 311

Dr Balzan Martin 250 votes (Elected)

Dr Camilleri Mark 67 votes

Mr Caruana Dingli Gordon 232 votes (Elected)

Dr Ellul Pierre 114 votes (Elected)

Dr Fava Stephen 228 votes (Elected)

Dr Pocock James 139 votes (Elected)

Dr Sciberras Christopher 97 votes

Dr Xuereb Anthony 86 votes

Dr Zammit Andrew Paul 80 votes

Category A : Votes received 69

Valid votes 69

Dr Tilney Myra 43 votes

Dr Zerafa Mario 61 votes (Elected)

Category B : Votes received 61

Valid votes 61

Dr Casha Aaron 25 votes

Dr Pocock James 40 votes (Relinquished post)

Dr Sciberras Christopher 36 votes (Elected)

Category C : Votes received 61 votes

Valid votes 61 votes

Dr Camilleri Mark 33 votes

Dr Caruana Clifford 47 votes (Elected)

Dr Mintoff Tatyana 32 votes

Category D : Votes received 44

Valid votes 44

Dr Busuttil Rudolph 25 votes

Dr Cilia Saviour 34 votes (Elected)

Dr Xuereb Anthony 29 votes

Dr Zammit Andrew Paul 23 votes

Dr Michael Boffa Dr Victor Calvagna

Chief Electoral Commissioner Electoral Commissioner


The MAM would like to thank Dr Joseph Xuereb for his kind assistance to the electora commission.

Martin Balzan

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