Agreement on IV adminstation by nurses published - 5/8/2004

MUMN has published the agreement reached with the health authorities on the administration of IV drugs.


4. Accept that intravenous therapy administration is part of the nurses' responsibilities, but that this does not exclude that doctors share this responsibility too as part of existing protocols.

5. Courses in intravenous therapy administration for all nurses registered in Malta as first or second level nurses shall be mandatory: administration of such intravenous therapy shall be mandatory for all nurses so trained. These courses are to continue so that all qualified nurses shall be certified as competent to administer intravenous therapy. Those nurses who did not have the opportunity to undertake the training and consider themeselves as not competent is such a skill should refrain from administering intravenous therapy until they recieve the appropriate training. Nurses who consider themselves competent to administer IV therapy can continue to do so but are still encouraged to attend for formal training.


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