Fire at Mater Dei Hospital - 12/9/2004

The Times

Fire at hospital site leads to building evacuation
Computers, documents and temporary facilities were damaged in a fire at the Mater Dei Hospital site yesterday. No one was injured.

The fire started at around 11.30 a.m. when workers were applying waterproofing membrane to a seismic joint between the administration buildings.

According to the Foundation for Medical Services, the fire broke out inside the building joints. Attempts by the workers to control the fire with portable extinguishers were futile, and the Civil Protection Department was called to help.

In the meantime the fire spread to offices adjacent to the site which first caught fire - the offices housed the temporary facilities, some computers and documents, which were damaged by the fire.

The foundation said an evacuation of nearby buildings was ordered as a precautionary measure.

A magisterial inquiry was ordered by duty magistrate Giovanni Grixti, while an investigation is being carried out by the Msida police.

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