Department of Instutional Care publishes 2003 data - 29/10/2004

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St. Luke's Hospital
The total number of ward admissions was 78,607. There were 55,328 (70.4%) ward in-patient admissions, 13,036 (16.6%) dialysis sessions and 10,243 (13.0%) day cases. 48% were males and 52% were females.

The mean length of stay for in-patients was 4.6 days. The average number of new ward admissions daily was 151.6. The hospital had a mean bed occupancy rate of 83.4%. The overall throughput was 66 patients per available bed. The turnover interval was 0.9 days. The daily turnover rate was 18%. A special analysis was conducted remove the impact of social cases on overall bed occupancy statistics. The results were as follows:-

Adjusted stay Occupancy
All Hospital Beds 4.5 days 81.3%
Medical Wards 6.7 days 106.3%
Surgical Wards 5.2 days 83.3%
Orthopaedic Wards 6.5 days 76.4%

There were 62,936 new cases seen as out-patients together with 187,558 follow-up appointments. 28,164 surgical operations were carried out. On the basis of a preliminary analysis, the complexity of operations performed was classified as follows:-
Complex Major 3.4%; Major + 8.4%;
Major 17.4%;
Intermediate 30.0%;
Minor 39.5%;
Unspecified 1.3%.

The workload was distributed as follows:
Main Theatre 29.1%
Orthopaedic Operating Theatres 11.1%
Karen Grech OT 20.9%
Gynae Minor Ops 8.6%
Burns Theatre 2.8%
Endoscopy Unit 22.2%
Labour Theatre 3.2%
Casualty Theatre 2.1%

1426 persons died in hospital in the year 2003.

There were 3,375 live births registered in Karen Grech Hospital Maternity wing in 2003. 26.7% were delivered by Caeserian section whilst 3.5% were assisted vaginal deliveries.

111,034 patients attended the Accident and Emergency Department. There were 17,612 ambulance calls attended to and 80 Helicopter transfers involving patients. 19,722 patients were admitted to Medical and Surgical wards from the Emergency Department. This represents 17.8% of all attendees at the A&E Department and 35.6% of all in-patient admissions.

760 patients were treated at ITU. 606 patients were treated in the High Dependency Unit. 1532 patients received in-patient care at the Coronary Care Unit. 2101 patients had invasive cardiac procedures whilst 308 “electrical”, invasive and pacemaker procedures were performed. 18% of angiograms were normal, 31% required medical treatment, 23% required CABG, 21% required angioplasty, 3% required MIBI scans, and
4% required cardiac valve surgery and/or CABG. 793 PTCA’s requiring 793 stents were performed. Of these 62 were primary PTCA’s.

Visits by Foreign Specialists to St. Luke's Hospital generated a number of activities. 129 surgical procedures were carried out in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology, Hand Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery Uro- Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Pain Management and Ophthalmic Surgery.

Other specialities were Paediatrics
(Oncology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Neuromuscular Disorders, Gastroentrology, Neurology),
Endocrinology, Scoliosis, Orthotics and Prosthetics.
240 patients were referred to the U.K for treatment.

3935 persons qualified for free medical aids and appliances, whilst a total of 30,517 cards for free medicines under Schedule V of the Social Security Act were issued.

151,626 examinations were carried in the Department of Radiology units within St. Luke’s Hospital. 52% (78,790) of these examinations were carried out at the A & E Department which means that 71% of A&E attendees were examined radiologically. 8.3% were carried out at the Out-Patients’ Unit. The main specialized examinations performed at the Main Radiology Department were as follows:-

Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3626
Ultrasound examinations 13,452
Mammograms 3510
Intra Venous Urograms 1675
Barium and gastrografin exams 2912
CT scans 10,327
Angiography (not cardiac) 795
Gamma Scans 2509

There were 1246 interventional procedures such as peripheral angiography and angioplasty, biliary drainage
procedures, percutaneous biopsies, drainage and aspiration using ultrasound or CT, and percutaneous

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