MAM representatives meet ETUC section secretary on Working Time - 29/10/2004

During the annual congress of the CMTU the Confederation of Malta Trade Unions, the new Commission proposals on working time were discussed by ETUC secretary Ms Catelene Passchier.

Dr Stephen Fava, and Dr Martin Balzan represented MAM.

ETUC is the European body of major trade unions, to which GWU and CMTU are affiliated. (MAM is a member of CMTU) The ETUC is a major stake holder in discussions with the European Commission when new directives, or revisions of directives are brought up.

Like PWG, ETUC is in favour of the abolition of the "opt outs" as a matter of priniciple. This is because there should be no excuses when health and safety is concerned both for the worker, and those affected by his work.

CMTU, and the Maltese government are all against the abolition of the opt outs. MAM has repeatedly expressed itself against the abolition of the opt outs.

MAM representatives, also re-iterated their own position, and that of all european medical associations, that on call time at work has to be considered as working time.

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