Fruitful Meeting with Hon. Dr . Louis Galea - Malta to Object to changes in Working Time Directive - 11/11/2004

A MAM delegation made up of Dr. Fava and Dr. Balzan had a very fruitful meeting the Hon. Dr. Louis Galea and other top government officials on the proposed amendments to the Working Time Directive (WTD). Dr Galea is the Minister responsible for industrial relations.

As you might be aware, there is a move to amend the WTD so that:
i) the right of individual opt-out be removed. This would mean that a doctor will NOT be allowed to work for more than 48 hours even if he so wishes) and
ii) only time actually spent seeing patients will be considered working time whilst the rest of the time will not, even though the doctor is required to be at the place of work.

MAM is strongly objecting to these proposed amendments. During the meeting the government accepted MAMís position that:
i) the right to individual opt-out be retained and

ii) all hours spent at the place of work will be considered as working time.

The Hon. Dr. Galea stated that this will be the official government negotiating position with the EU.

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