Unethical leaks (The Times 27th June) - 28/6/2003

Unethical leaks
Martin Balzan, general secretary, Medical Association of Malta.

With reference to the letter "Not the source" (June 24), the Medical Association of Malta invites Edgar Gambin to read again MAM's statement and indicate exactly where in the article is the Minister of Health identified as the source of the leak.

It is however an established fact that the minister gave an extensive interview to a Sunday newspaper revealing significant details. The Times (June 16) indicated its sources as very close to the Health Division and MAM's article always referred to these allegations as coming from "sources".

It is indeed "very grave" that such damaging anonymous leaks have occurred. At this stage it would be much wiser to order an official inquiry as to who was responsible for these unethical leaks. Failure to conduct such an inquiry might be interpreted as tacit approval.

However, before writing such letters addressed specifically to trade union officials, Mr Gambin is invited to read again the part of the article where it is stated that such tactics are "reminiscent of pre-1989 Solidarnosc behind the Iron Curtain".

It is most unfortunate that whoever was responsible for this leak might have had the intention of compromising the good industrial relations between MAM and the government.

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