FMS (and new hosptal) is no longer a responsibility of the Health Ministry - 24/12/2004

MAM has obtained independent confirmation that FMS and the management of the construction of the new hospital, is now under the direct responsibility of the Prime Minister, and is a no longer the responsibility of the Health Ministry.


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Humiliating Demotion For Louis Deguara

18 December 2004 20:30 by team

One News has reported an exclusive news item about what effectively amounts to a demotion for health minister Dr Louis Deguara.

This is the result of a government decision to relieve Dr Deguara from responsibility for the construction of the beleaguered long over due and well over budget Mater Dei hospital.

Dr Deguara is being replaced by a committee of four people which will be chaired by the parliamentary secretary in the ministry of finance, accountant Tonio Fenech. There will be a member of the medical profession on this committee but One News reported that this medical practitioner has been chosen directly by the Nationalist government.

This latest twist in the long drawn out saga of the new government hospital is seen as an admission by the Nationalist government both that it has so far failed to deliver value for money from this prestige project and that the project itself has been grossly mishandled. This necessitated the need of a fall guy and, with former finance minister John Dalli out of the way the obvious choice was health minister Louis Deguara.

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