MAM resolution - presented at press conference - 16/7/2003

This meeting notes that despite poor working conditions, depleted medical manpower and poor management, doctors in the public health service give a sterling service as evidenced by high efficiency, high output and excellent results. The number of operations performed as well as the number of patients seen at the outpatients and at the emergency department is extra-ordinarily high. This level of efficiency has been recognised repeatedly by the WHO.

Against this background and with reference to the "spot checks" recently carried out at St. Luke's hospital this meeting strongly deplores;
1. The unethical, arrogant and unprofessional way in which the director of institutional health reportedly carried out these so called inspections.
2. The unethical leaks to the media which have deliberately put the medical profession and the national health service in undeservedly bad light.
3. That although it results from the investigations carried out that there were no unjustified absences from outpatients wards or theatres, the health division has failed to publicly remedy these leaks.

In the light of the above this meeting resolves ;
1. To call on the government to hold an official inquiry so as to investigate who was responsible for these leaks to the media and to investigate the manner in which these "spot checks" were carried out.
2. To call on the Health division to withdraw all unfounded allegations.
3. To empower the council to take all steps it deems necessary.

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