Letter by Mr Alex Attard in - 12/1/2005

Missing the wood for the trees
Alex Attard, San Pawl Tat-Targa.

I read Victor Spiteri's letter (December 31) with interest. Unfortunately he misses the wood for the trees.

The fact remains that a consultant surgeon does indeed get paid between Lm5 and Lm10 for performing a major operation at St Luke's Hospital and people expect the same results as those from surgeons getting paid far more in centres overseas. This rate of remuneration is obviously unjust and no one can possibly argue otherwise.

With regard to his Lm20 private medical consultation, this is very good value for money when compared to the minimum 200 charged in the United Kingdom for the same service. If Mr Spiteri feels that private medical health care is expensive, he can always avail himself of the free services offered by the public health service.

Finally, I would like to inform Mr Spiteri that in my case none of the taxes paid by his so-called early school leavers contributed to my training as a doctor and specialist. I was forced to borrow a substantial amount of money to study overseas after the rape of the Medical School in 1977 and therefore owe my indebtedness only to those who made this possible for me to do so by lending me the necessary funds. Regrettably, Mr Spiteri's "fair society" was not much in evidence at the time.

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