MAM meeting authorises council to take actions - 9/2/2005

This MAM meeting would like to show its appreciation that

• The Health Division and the St. Luke’s hospital administration have publicly confirmed that the Medical Profession continues to be highly efficient and provide high quality service. Data published shows that output increased once again in 2004 as compared with 2003.
• The government of Malta continues to invest heavily in the infra structure necessary for the new hospital to the tune of over 175 million liri,

However this meeting expresses its disappointment that in an effort to save a few thousand Malta liri.

• Doctors who have obtained post graduate qualifications, have completed post graduate training, have passed public service commission selection board, and are already handling more responsibility have been denied their letters of appointment.
• The General Practitioner training scheme required by EU accession remains without the appointment of coordinators and trainers.
• Numerous vacancies across many specialties remained unadvertised when local trained personnel are available, most notably in the accident and emergency department.
• Newly graduated doctors have not yet received their letter of appointment despite having been in the job for more than 6 months.

For these reasons this meeting,

Welcomes the efforts of the MAM to rectify these injustices and authorizes the MAM council to take whichever measures it deems necessary to make sure that the well deserved appointments and calls for applications are issued as soon as possible.

Dr Martin Balzan
General Secretary

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