MAM annual General Meeting approves motion unanimously - 1/3/2005

This Annual General Meeting refers to the current situation regarding appointments and promotions, which is being faced by a number of doctors, namely all newly graduated house officers as well as a substantial number of senior house officers, senior registrars, and general practitioners, who are currently working at the hospital and the health centres.

With regard to the newly promoted house officers, these have not yet received their letter of appointment, even though they have been working with the Health Division since July 2004.

With regard to senior house officers, registrars, senior registrars and general practitioners, these have applied for interviews, passed selection boards, been given higher positions with greater responsibility and are currently fulfilling these new roles.

In spite of this, they have not yet received their official letter of appointment. In other cases they are still waiting for a call for applications which remains unadvertised.

This Annual General Meeting strongly deplores the fact that the government has still not issued the appointments despite the severe manpower shortage. This AGM urges the MAM council to register an industrial dispute on the above issue. This AGM expresses its full support for the council of the MAM in issuing directives it deems fit to resolve this issue without any further Delay

Proposer Dr Marius Grima

Seconder Dr Tatyana Mintoff

Approved unanimously

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