Doctor praises hospital Ward M6 - 6/4/2005

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Hospital ward M6
Gordon W. Moran, Msida.

I refer to the letter by Tony Smith of London regarding the "uncaring attitude" (March 7) of the nurses at ward M6.

I too had to take an urgent flight from England to be near a very close relative, my grandmother, but unlike Mr Smith I did not witness any uncaring attitude by the nursing staff. On the contrary these nurses, although most of the time they are understaffed, are wingless angels to the old patients some of whom are not even visited regularly by their families. One has to live with these nurses, as I did during my time as house officer and senior house officer, to appreciate what they do to help these patients in trying to make their life as bearable as possible.

I did not read of any medical or nursing deficiency but only of a banging door which, after all, is not the direct responsibility of the nursing staff. If Mr Smith wanted to help he should have gone to the responsible person and lodged a complaint. Before giving judgment one should evaluate the service given at St Luke's Hospital which, in my opinion, is second to none in the whole of Europe.

I would like to thank all the medical and nursing staff, especially ward M6, at St Luke's Hospital for their dedication to the patients.

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