Agreement on Health Centes signed - 11/7/2005

Duties at Detention centres
1. MAM will lift the directive to doctors not to attend detention centre clinics as from Monday 11th July. A single doctor will attend to all detention centres, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A roster involving all doctors working at the health centres will be drawn up. No after hour calls will be performed, and patients will be taken to Health centres or the accident and Emergency department according to the individual case should they require the services of a doctor after hours.

2. A representative from the department and one from MAM will review the state of hygiene at the clinics in the detention centres prior to the commencement of this service. Commencement of this medical service will be subject to a favourable report.

3. Doctors are advised to immediately leave the detention center clinic, and report any incident to the administration in the event that security seems inadequate, or in the event that the doctor feels he/she is in anyway under threat or harassed.

4. A healthcare professional has to be named as responsible for the hygiene and the provision of the necessary supplies at the clinics.

5. Bereg. An appointment system will be introduced at the following district health centres as from the end of July. Attard, Iklin, Mgarr, Fgura, Valletta, Msida, Siggiewi.

6. An appointment system will be introduced by the 1st of October 2005 in all district heath centres

7. Appointments will be given every four minutes. The administrators will have the right to determine the frequency or length of the clinic sessions according to load.

8. As from the 11th of July the E duty following a night duty will not be performed. However doctors wishing to do overtime duties as an ‘E’ duty on the following “off” duty can do so on a voluntary basis according to exigencies of service.

9. The house officer doctors on “rotation” assigned to health centres will work on an ABO system for a 6 week trial period. ( A = 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, B = 8.00 am to 4.00 pm). The employer and MAM agree to review the roster according to the first experiences. MAM continues to favour a single roster for all health centre doctors while the Department feels that it cannot ensure proper supervision if these doctors were to work nights, neither will it be making the best used of it’s very limited human resources if they were given the same shift as the established GPs.

GP training Scheme

10. Calls for applications for trainees to start of the vocational training scheme have been drafted and are expected to be issued as soon as possible.

11. All doctors who have the necessary certification as “trainers” will be given an equal opportunity to be involved in the training system.

12. The health division expressed the intention to let trainees choose their own trainer who would than be sub contracted. MAM reserved its position on this to a later stage.

13. A call for applications for General Practitioner at salary scale 6 will be issued as soon as possible

Should the appointment system not be extended to all health centres by 1st October 2005, this agreement shall be considered as being rescinded and MAM will reconsider its position.

Dr Martin Balzan r Andrew Amato Gauci.

8th July 2005

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