Malta Today Editorial on Surgeon's salary - 24/7/2005

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Alex Manché I have never met. But from what I hear, he is a saviour for many patients who would not be in this world were it not for his intervention.
Enter the MAM who express the view that some animals are more equal than others. And we here we go through the same old story.
Instead of raising the issue of doctors being underpaid, we are asked to cut the wages of those who have better salaries. Manché is one of those consultants that would not normally return to Malta. To retain his services, it is normal that he should be remunerated accordingly.
People who suffer from heart disease do not give a toss about the MAM. I have every respect for the medical profession, and I also believe that everyone should pay their taxes and work diligently but I do not think that we are all equal.
If we want to maintain a health service to address the medical requirements of an ageing and modern society, the last thing we need is a medical union that acts like a miners’ union.
Instead of talking about salaries, the MAM would do all us all a service if it tackled the Mater Dei fiasco. Malta’s greatest monument to megalomania is Mater Dei, which is planned to be open on the 7 July 2007 – the anniversary of Lawrence Gonzi’s birth.
After this date the unfinished hospital will be called Lazarus.
Afterwards, someone needs to remind the Prime Minister that one does not offer a medical service by having a massive white building and a Richard England chimney. A medical service is best guaranteed by the dedication, the skill of its medical profession and the accessibility of modern equipment and medicines.
And the MAM is the best placed to say this.
So please leave our cardiologists alone and let us get back to the real world where people with ailing hearts only wish for one thing. To live on!

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