Sunday Times - letters - - 14/8/2005

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MAM's efforts are legitimate (1)
Dr Miloslav Sitar, MD, secretary of the Association of Foreign Medical Experts in Malta, San Gwann.

There are over 50 foreign specialists employed by Department of Health who provide dedicated care to patients. Their conditions of work and remuneration are by no means comparable with those enjoyed by our Maltese colleagues of the same grade, not to mention Mr Alex Manché.

Unfortunately the ongoing debate is missing the point. I wholeheartedly agree with Professor Albert Fenech (The Sunday Times, August 7). MAM's efforts to ensure fair treatment for all members of the medical profession are legitimate - they should not be distorted or manipulated.

The Department of Health should deal with the long overdue reforms, especially in the context of Malta's EU membership, as MAM general secretary Martin Balzan pointed out last Sunday.

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