Letter in Times - MAM doing its job - 29/8/2005

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MAM just doing its job (1)
Dr Martin Balzan, MD, MRCP (UK), FEFIM, general secretary, MAM, Gzira.

Professor J. Muscat (The Sunday Times, August 21) appears to have missed the Department of Information's unequivocal statement that all consultants have the same level of responsibility. I therefore invite Professor Muscat to convince the authorities to eliminate the

"odious" word "discrimination" from Maltese law and EU directives. Failing that, he is welcome to join the chorus of Maltese and foreign doctors calling for justice and law abidance.

MAM has seen its membership almost double in the last four years. Unfortunately it is not always possible to settle all issues by a single round of negotiations and, inevitably, just like all other European medical associations, MAM occasionally has to resort to its trade union arm.

However, it is more frequent for MAM to air issues in public to put pressure on the authorities rather than take precipitate action. This is the essence of democracy and the behaviour of a responsible medical association.

If Professor Muscat believes that an association is militant simply because it calls on the government to uphold the law, then he must believe that the government has the right to break the law at will, and that a "responsible" association should allow this to happen without daring to raise its voice.

In his final, rather derogatory, line, it is unclear whether Professor Muscat is labelling all trade union leaders unprofessional, or trying to stigmatise MAM leaders for effectively representing their colleagues. In the interest of professionalism it is perhaps best to leave the interpretation of such uncalled for and inappropriate comments to readers.

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