ER workload - 7/10/2005

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ER workload
Martin Balzan, general secretary, The Medical Association of Malta, Gzira.

The Medical Association of Malta would like to thank J. Diacono for his account of the situation in the emergency room. Mr Diacono justly voiced his dissatisfaction at the ordeal he has had to face.

He maturely appreciated that all the doctors were doing their utmost in the situation.

It is very clear to one and all that at the accident and emergency department the are not enough doctors to cope with the load of emergencies.

Unfortunately, this is because of the "brain drain" of young doctors with four to five years of training who are leaving the country and not coming back.

MAM has been repeatedly sounding the alarm that the health authorities must wake up to their responsibilities and address the situation - with the long term in mind. We need to create the conditions to be able to train and retain enough staff to man our emergency services adequately. The health of the nation is at stak

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