Appreciation - Michael Micallef written by Dr. Sandro Vella - 6/1/2006

My first encounter with Michael dates back about 18 years, when, as a newly graduated doctor, he was invited to address the youth members of the Ghaqda Studenti Mostin, including myself, on his experiences in medical school, the medical profession and his active involvement in the ecclesial movement CL (Communion and Liberation). He subsequently moved to Ireland to continue his postgraduate training as a radiologist. Little did I think we would cross paths again several years later at St Luke's Hospital, discussing patients' pathologies.

The news of Michael's demise at the young age of 42 brought tears to the eyes of many. His smile, simplicity, humility, honesty and goodness won the admiration of young and old alike. He was a treasured friend, a beacon of Christian values, a trustworthy gentleman and an exemplary doctor. As a senior registrar and later consultant radiologist, he would go out of his way to professionally assist his colleagues and patients, at the expense of overburdening his busy schedule. Suffice to say that a few months ago, I encountered him voluntarily reporting to work on Sunday so as to hasten the issuing of patients' radiology reports. His commitment was second to none.

Michael shall be remembered for his untiring promotion of the life of the unborn child. He actively supported the proposal to introduce a constitutional anti-abortion clause. He discussed these issues with particular conviction and enthusiasm, reflecting a love for the weak and defenceless in society.

Malta lost a truly worthy son.

Condolences are extended to his father Joseph and to his brothers Pierre and Noel. We pray that the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose little effigy adorned his tiny hospital office, leads his soul to the everlasting happiness guaranteed by her own Divine Son to all who, like Michael, saw Christ in the sick and marginalised.

May he rest in peace.

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