Dr. Michael Micallef - Dr Alex Gatt - 13/1/2006

APPRECIATION: Dr. Michael Micallef (1963 - 2006)

Fellow of the Faculty of Radiologists of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Consultant in the Radiology Dept. of St. Luke’s Hospital
Secretary of the Maltese Radiological Society
Member of the Bioethics Consultative Committee
Member of the Medical Special Accreditation Committee
Co-founder of the Gift of Life group

Born in Mosta in 1963, Michael was educated at the Archbishop’s Seminary (in Floriana and Tal-Virtu, Rabat) and later obtained his MD from the University of Malta in 1987. He continued his postgraduate studies in medical diagnostic imaging in Ireland at the Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin under Dr. Gerald Hurley, dean of the Faculty of Radiologists of the Royal College of Surgeons and president of the European Association of Radiology, and obtained his fellowship in 1999. Michael returned to Malta the following year to resume duties in the Radiology Dept. of St. Luke’s Hospital under the director Dr. Malcolm P. Crockford, where he was appointed a consultant radiologist in 2001.
Michael was a truly talented person who achieved great things. His quiet character most effectively hid his tireless zest to do good and his deep belief in the beauty of life and majesty of God dominated all his deeds and actions. Despite being a deeply religious man, he found no conflict between his Christian faith and science, on the contrary, he saw them as complementing each other in a very subtle manner.
Michael has touched the hearts of many and it is so hard to believe that he is no longer amongst us. Especially close to his heart were his family, his work among the sick at St. Luke’s Hospital, the Comunione e Liberazzione (CL) group headed by Fr. Gino Gauci and Fr. Benjamin Galea as well as his quest in trying to protect the unborn children. Together with the Gift of Life group, he worked hard to make a formal proposal to amend the Maltese Constitution thereby making it more difficult to legalize abortion in this country.
Despite not being a father himself, his surviving father Joseph and brothers Noel and Pierre will be proud of his legacy as a loving father to children yet unborn.
May God grant him eternal peace, love and rest.

Dr. Alex Gatt B.Sc(Gen), MD, FRAS

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