MAM signs agreement on mutual recognition of CME - 14/2/2006

MAM President, Dr. Fava has recently signed an agreement with UEMS (Union Europee des Medicins Specialites) regarding accreditation of CME events. With this agreement, the UEMS recognizes MAM as the national accreditation organization for CME events.

The European Accreditation Council for CME (EACCME) is the official organ of the UEMS which grants international accreditation to international events; such accreditation is recognized throughout Europe and the US. This allows the trans-border transfer of CME points.

In the case of any event held in the territory of Malta, the EACCME will refer to MAM for its vetting. On its part, MAM will automatically recognize accreditation by UEMS of any event held outside Malta.

An organizer of local event with no foreign participants and therefore not requiring international accreditation should continue to apply to MAM as national accreditation.

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