Letters of appreciation in The Times - 30/3/2006

Care at St Luke's
Mrs A. M. Bilocca, St Venera.

On february 19, I had to accompany my mother, who is 79, to St Luke's Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department.

I could not believe how quickly she was seen to and with such care, even though everyone knows that there are so many people who need attention.

She was admitted to M4 and placed in the corridor till a place in a room was found. Here everything that could be done was done with special attention, although the lack of staff was obvious.

The doctors were great and came to see their patients every day. My mother had to be taken to CCU and the staff and doctors there are really dedicated.

On behalf of my mother, Mrs Giorgia Galea, I would like to thank all the staff and doctors at these wards for their care.

Praise for hospital staff (2)
Rachel Williams, Rabat.

Recently my daughter, Michela Sciberras, had to be taken to hospital from school where she had fallen and suffered a bad gash which needed stitches. Upon our arrival at St Luke's we were treated with nothing but the utmost concern and professionalism. Michela was handled extremely gently and with a smile every step of the way, from the receptionist to the triage nurse to the x-ray people.

A huge, special thank you goes to Jonathan Joslin and his team - the names of whom escape me - for the incredible patience that they showed to an understandably frightened child and her worried parents. Suffice to say that after everything was over - and believe me, it is no mean feat to stitch up a screaming six-year old - Michela wanted to see her x-rays and she was promptly taken to see them with the doctors and nurses all making a fuss over her.

A small word to other patients: A little appreciation would go a long way, as these people work under rather grim circumstances.

Michela, her father and myself thank Dr Joslin once again for all his help and consideration. Pinocchio is somewhat deflated now, but still treasured as a reminder of all the team's care and hard work.

Praise for hospital staff (1)
John Micallef and family, Zabbar.

Early in January, my mother had to be admitted to hospital suffering from an irregular heartbeat.

She was given a bed in a very busy M4 Ward, under the care of R. Xuereb and his team. She was stabilised and after a few days had a pacemaker implanted. Unfortunately, a few complications arose, prolonging her stay from a standard seven days to almost eight weeks.

The care and attention given to my mother (and the rest of the patients) was extraordinary. In spite of the ward being crowded, with all the different cases having to be treated accordingly, the staff showed exceptional dedication and professionalism.

At times she did not bear to set eyes on the food, let alone eat. However, the attendants did their utmost to bring her something to have and politely insisted that she ate.

The nurses in particular showed much care and understanding, by listening to her and reassuring her, thus making her stay less unpleasant.

My mother and her family would like to express our most sincere gratitude towards all the staff at the hospital, especially Dr Xuereb and his team, the nurses and health assistants at the M4, emergency department and CAT lab - all of whom did so much in order to keep our mother's morale high, to give her courage and all the necessary treatments.

A particular mention also goes to J. Camilleri, the Senior Nursing Officer (M4), who was always so receptive and patient with our various queries.

One final word goes to the health authorities: Please take care of all these dedicated people working so hard in our hospitals - they are worth their weight in gold! Money spent on them is well spent indeed!

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