27th November Deloitte conference of financial matters - 3/9/2003

Deloitte & Touche Conference
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27th November, 2003
Hotel Intercontinental
LM50 + VAT
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9.00 Welcome to the Conference
Mr Steve Cachia – Conference Moderator
Partner – Deloitte & Touche
9.10 Inauguration of the Conference
The Hon. John Dalli
Minister of Finance
9.30 Keynote address
Mr Paul Mercieca
Managing Partner – Deloitte & Touche

9.45 Plenary Session 1
2004 budget overview – keeping up with Malta’s fast evolving tax
Mr Mark Grech
Tax Director – Deloitte & Touche
10.45 Plenary Session 2
Improving your cash-flow and reducing bad-debts exposure in
today’s tight market conditions
Mr Karl Xuereb
Managing Director – Lanstraust Malta
Mr Josef Busuttil
Malta Association of Credit Management
Mr Nick Captur
Partner Corporate Finance – Deloitte & Touche
12.00 Plenary Session 3
Accounting and VAT changes caused by EU accession – The
practical side
Mr Oliver Vassallo
Commissioner of VAT - Malta
Ms Sue Rathmell
EU VAT & Customs Duty Specialist– Deloitte & Touche UK
Dr Conrad Cassar Toreggiani LLD
Head of VAT consulting - Deloitte & Touche
15.30 Breakout Sessions – Option A, B or C
Breakout Session Option A - Computer Security and Data
Computer Security has been identified as the number one information
technology priority worldwide. Are your computers secure? Are you
complying with Malta’s Data Protection Laws?
Mr Saviour Cachia (still to be confirmed)
Special Advisor - Office of the Commissioner for Data Protection
Mr Paul Borg Costanzi
Managing IT consultant – Deloitte & Touche
Mr Alan Alden
Manager – Enterprise Risk Services – Deloitte & Touche
Breakout Session Option B - Business Financing
Raising Finance for Business - are Maltese companies ready to drop this
traditional model.
Mr Tonio Depasquale
General Manager Advances, Bank of Valletta
Mr. David Curmi
Curmi and Partners
Mr Raphael Aloisio
Partner, Corporate Finance - Deloitte & Touche
Breakout Session Option C1- Accounting and Reporting
The expansion in standard setting. Is it creating confusion to readers of
accounts? An overview of those standards that are creating most
or (depending upon demand)
Breakout Session Option C2 - Money Laundering.
The far reaching implications of the new Money Laundering Regulations.
17.00 Closing Down and Panel Discussion

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