MAM condemns attack on surgeon - 14/6/2006

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MAM condemns attack on surgeon
The Medical Association of Malta (MAM) has condemned the physical attack on cardiac surgeon Alex Manché and expressed the solidarity of the whole medical profession with him.

While the association appreciated that the authorities took immediate legal action against the alleged aggressors, it noted with regret that this was not the first episode of aggression against doctors while performing their duties.

The MAM has repeatedly called upon the authorities to deal effectively with such a problem.

It said there has to be a concerted effort to eradicate the mentality of using verbal abuse and aggression with those providing services in the health sector. Although only a small minority showed such an attitude more needed to be done by those involved in the media, public administration and law enforcement to effectively implement the declared "zero tolerance" policy towards this kind of harassment.

Mr Manché was assaulted at the hospital last week after he asked a man to stop smoking. Two brothers have been arraigned over the incident

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